Deserted is a 2016 animation short film produced and directed by Anna Anakhasyan at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Following the story of a lonely, emotional cactus who desperately wants to find true love, the music to “Deserted” features passionate guitar, trumpet and wind solos (recorded live in Los Angeles) and a host of latin percussion, all backed by the high-energy, lush, and emotional strings players of the Budapest Scoring Symphony Orchestra.

The very first shot was what changed my film viewing experience forever–with the outstanding creative work from Jerome. For months I had been familiar with seeing the film without any sort of rhythm or identity. It only took a few seconds, and the story and visuals came together. Music is something that can only be felt, and is very touching in the art of film. I knew I felt the vast wind of comedic and romantic emotions while listening to the score. It is from the bottom of the heart that I am so grateful Jerome was a part of it.
— Anna Anakhasyan

At SVA Computer Art we produce over sixty short films and animations each year. The first challenge of a short film is to strike a chord with the viewer quickly then enforce the emotions of the film. Jerome Leroy has contributed to the very best of our films with his patience and professionalism. He has the ability to underscore a film’s brightest and darkest moments while providing the thematic continuity it requires.
— John McIntosh, Chair, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and VFX, School of Visual Arts, New York


Strings performed by
The Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra

Session Supervisor
Balint Sapszon

Recording Engineer
Gabor Bucko

Pro Tools Editor
Miklos Lukacs

Recording Producer
Miklos Lukacs Jr.

Score Mixed by
Guillermo Marin

Mixed at
RED57 Studios, Burbank, CA

Score Produced by
Jerome Leroy

Mastered by
Patricia Sullivan, Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood

Album Art Direction by
Javier Burgos


Thanks to Perrine and Joachim; Anna, John McIntosh, Jimmy Calhoun, and the Computer Art Department staff at the School of Visual Arts in New York; Balint Sapszon and all the musicians involved in creating this score; Guillermo Marin; and James Jamail and Pat Sullivan.