Jerome Leroy’s first album of new music commissioned by British music library Audio Network features emotive orchestral themes and hypnotic piano melodies, built alongside delicate woodwind and lyrical strings—all underpinned by masterful electronics and percussion features. The album is currently available for licensing on Audio Networks’s website and will soon be made available for streaming on all services.

I found the idea behind pointillism fascinating – that very small things could, when put together in a certain way, make up something much bigger that would look very different and could have a different meaning depending on your point of focus. There is something beautiful and gratifying in finally seeing the full picture and giving it enough time to understand it and let it speak to you.
— Jerome Leroy


English Session Orchestra

Contracted by
Dom Kelly

Orchestra Coordinator
Jojo Arvanitis

Conducted by
Matthew Slater

Orchestral Leader
David Juritz

Flute solos performed by
Gina Luciani

Clarinet solos performed by
Vicente Ortiz Gimeno

Oboe solos performed by
Kristin Naigus

Recording Engineer
Lewis Jones

Mixed by
Ren Swan

Mixed at
School Farm Studios, Essex

Assistant to Composer
Victor Kong

Music Produced by
Andrew Sunnucks for Audio Network


Thanks to Andrew Sunnucks, Ali Johnson, Alex Kovacs, Gemma Guy, Lucy McGougan, Ren Swan, Laura Campbell, and Jean-Baptiste Denis. With my most sincere appreciation to the three people who nurtured my love for paintings and the Arts in general: Professor Henry Tate, Françoise Leroy, and my mother.