The Life-Givers




The Life-Givers is a short animation film directed by Angela De Vito, then a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York. It tells tory of a young apprentice “life-giver”, caretaker of human life deep down in the caves below the earth, who struggles with the idea that life must one day come to an end. She will ultimately learn that Death is not as final as it may seem…

Writing the underscore to The Life-Givers was an interesting challenge for the composer, since it had to equally convey the wonders of the underworld (the “caves below the earth”) and at the same time represent the real struggle of the little apprentice who is trying to make sense of her world — not unlike children try to make sense of their “above-ground” world. The score is written for a light acoustic ensemble of live players (flutes, english horn, oboe, harp, various bells…) accompanied by a soundscape of various textures and atmospheres.


Mixed by
Guillermo Marin

Recorded and Mixed at
Momentum RLP Studios, Santa Monica, CA

Score Produced by
Jerome Leroy

Mastered by
Patricia Sullivan, Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood

Album Cover Art by
Angela De Vito